What’s Your Style? No Really?!?

When people need help with a redesign, the first question I ask is “what’s your style”? Knowing what your style is can be as easy as a one word answer, or as complicated as trying to describe variations in color to someone who has never had vision.

I turned to Google to get some reference material and found myself taking some decorator quizzes. This first one from Better Homes and Gardens proved fruitless:

http://www.bhg.com/decorating/decorating-style/quiz/?ordersrc=googleadx2designstyle&s_kwcid=TC |1027982|interior%20design%20style%20quiz||S|p|34820258014

I chose the most “me” choices and it told me “ Country”, the next less “me” choices gave me “ Cottage”, and the least “me” “ French Country”. If I was to ask a client if they preferred any of these three and they could tell the difference, they certainly wouldn’t need any help decorating, and to be honest, these all bleed into each other for me as well. And when I describe my own taste preference I have never ever used country or cottage. And I never will!

Flawed to be sure, so what’s next?

Ah, Home Goods, so “happy”!


Results for the most me? “ Classic and a touch boho”. Middle me? “ Sassy and a touch boho.” Least me? “ Vegas baby, and a touch classy”.

Flawed, although less so than bhg. I’m not classic, the sassy one clicked a little, but I tried to cheat the game to get the “Boho” result, I had to pick a coffee cup and a beach umbrella. I like mountains and tea. I wanted to try one more.


Where do they get these?!?

“ Your style is Mediterranean-Inspired”

Vibrant, yet tranquil. Rustic textures and soothing colors echo the sea and sky. An ornate space inspired by nature. Tuscan and Mediterranean stylings.”

I bet it’s because my favorite color is turquoise. When you pick blue you get beachy results.

This is not how I help my clients achieve results they can be proud of and live with harmoniously. I start with an open ended question:

“So what’s your style”?

Some people know right away, some need a little list of examples to choose from.

Art Deco (refined, geometric, mirrors, chrome)
Mission (clean, wood, “Craftsman, arts and crafts”, simple, shows workmanship)
Eastern (natural, calming and serene, black metal accents, water elements)
Beach, Mediterranean, Tuscan (blues, sand, breeze, wood, coastal décor)
Modern/contemporary (neutrals with clean lines, bold pops of color, furniture hugs the ground)
Minimalist (simple, geometric, severe, pragmatic)
Country, cottage, French, shabby chic (toile fabrics, oak and wood, pastels, florals, checks, stripes)
Eclectic (mixed and reinterpreted elements, bright colors, layered textures, contrast and composition)
Mid Century/retro (50′s and 60′s architecture and shapes, stylized yet functional)
Victorian (dark, warm, heavy, beads, brocade, damask)
Traditional/classic (English antiques, Persian rugs, florals, wood)
Rustic/Western (wood/wood/wood, raw edges, stone, woolen textiles, exposed beams)
Once my client responds to one of these themes, we go to Pinterest, this is where I can get an idea of what I need to look for. There is usually an emotional reaction to a certain combination of color, texture, and visual sensation. I start all my work with what the client already owns to achieve a similar result.

Having your home reflect your true style can make you feel terrific. When your outside looks like you want to feel on the inside, it can revolutionize your life. I am always giving my clients a harmonious, balanced, and organized space.

I wouldn’t close this entry without finally disclosing my own style. My personal style is eclectic, I love to mix color and texture. I get in trouble when I decide a few things need to be a different color, and I get myself out of trouble by painting something and sewing a few pillowcases. But my husband would tell you it doesn’t go that fast, but he puts up with it, as long as I keep my fingers out of his spaces!

Finale quiz, which David Bowie incarnation are you?


I’m Tin Machine Bowie.

I would have preferred Labyrinth Bowie!

By Beth
February 9, 2014

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