Using Color and Light to Sell Your Home Faster

Home staging can help you sell your home faster and for more money. There are many tips and tricks that home stagers use, but let’s focus on color and light.


Think about color in your home.  Is every room a different color?  Is there one color that can be loosely displayed throughout the house while the other colors get packed up and stored away?
Can you pack and store all but one or two accent colors? Move throw pillows and blankets from one room to several to pull one accent color throughout the home.

Using one to two accent colors in every room of your home gives buyers a sense of cohesiveness — that each room is part of the whole home.  Using the same color scheme throughout the home also helps to lead buyers through the house .

Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors if they are just accents. However, you may want to paint if entire walls are bold and bright.

Remember: Bright and Bold for Accents Neutral for Main Walls and Furniture


Think about light.  Buyers want to see natural light and be able to see the home’s windows.  Remove all window coverings except blinds that can be opened. We should not have any drapes or personalized window covering whatsoever.  

Open the house up to get as much light as possible. Remove all window coverings valances, curtains, drapes, we want no fabric. what is ok is blinds,cellular shades and vertical blinds. Basically, if it holds dirt, get rid of it. If it’s fabric get rid of it.  Loose, light colored, airy window coverings that allow light into the room can also sometimes remain but if your keeping them, make sure they get cleaned.

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