Stay Sane During a Sale — Apartments a Special Challenge

Stay sane during a sale — apartments are a special challenge.

1. Identify your regular clutter and find a solution for it so you aren’t running around trying to tidy before a showing. Containers under sinks, in cabinets, in pretty boxes, and behind closet doors is great, but keep them looking nice too. It’s a great time to purge everything you don’t need, and you will thank yourself when you don’t have to move it.

2. Give the other occupants of the home their own strategies.

>children each get a drawer, storage ottoman, or basket that they are responsible to put away, that way you can zoom through the house and tidy without having to put everything away.

>pets get a “zone”, these are also easily put away so you aren’t advertising your hairy family member. Baskets and lower cabinets for bowls work great.

>spouses and roommates get a drop zone. Coats, hats, keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, and briefcases usually end up by the door, this is great if you’re going to take it with you when you leave the house, not so great if you need to put them away every time someone comes for a showing. Put them in a closet. Shoes too!

3. Kitchens. We all need to cook multiple times a day. Do a big meal prep or cook something large you can make multiple meals throughout the week. This will keep your house from smelling like food which is a huge buyer turn off and keeps you sane while trying to keep the kitchen presentable.

4. Bathrooms. All that stuff on your sink should go into caddys or bins (Dollar store) and go under the sink. Pedestal sink? Put it into an attractive box (Ross, Gordmans, Michaels) and keep it on your dresser and carry it into the bathroom when you get ready. It’s not a lifetime commitment, but it will make a difference when you’re doing a quick mid-week swipe to keep it looking fresh.

Bedrooms. Make the bed right away. Those pretty throw pillows? Keep them to a minimum, you are going to get tired of putting them on and taking them off every-single-day. So keep it simple, but punch the color!

I hope this helps!?

Beth Berg
Home Staging, Redesign, Organization Design

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