Merchandize That House

Your house is a product, to sell that product for the most value, you want to merchandize it for top dollar.

So how to merchandise a property? What are the best tips to properly enhance spaces? What’s the secret to stage properly?

  • Declutter and depersonalize. But what does this mean? It does not mean that the personality is taken out of the house, it means surfaces and corners are cleared, extraneous furniture is removed, and personal photographs are put away.
  • Declutter even the hidden spaces so that nosy buyers, who look in every nook and cranny, notice how much extra room there is for all their stuff. Put it away! More on this at the end.
  • Clean every square inch. Buyers are squeamish and people don’t live as cleanly as they think they do. In fact, clean it twice, and once every time someone is coming to look at it. Think about how a hotel room feels, if it is sparkling clean, all the other people that have stayed there don’t come to mind, but if there is a stray hair on the counter, or used tissue in the corner, it feels dirty.
  • This also means walls that need paint, should be painted. Paint is the cheapest way to make a house look fresh and new. Odd color paint should be neutralized, even if it’s in good shape, strange colors will turn off more buyers than attract. Older furniture, or slightly worn carpet can be made to look better with the correct color scheme. Magic can happen if the colors harmonize the right way.
  • Look at all the things that will stay in the home, cabinets, counters, faucets, carpet, tile, all finishes and floors. If it needs to be repaired, get it repaired. A handyman for a few hours will cost less than what a potential buyer thinks it will.

Flow is crucial, once the background is refreshed and cleaned, the home is in excellent repair, the furniture and wall colors don’t clash, make sure there are walkways through rooms. Never place every stick of furniture against the walls. Float some pieces in the room. If the front door takes the people coming and going through the house, through the living room, in between people having conversations or watching television, the flow is wrong. Avoid shouting distance between seating arrangements. Ideally, every person sitting should have a place to set a beverage without lifting their rear end to reach it. If there is too much furniture to make this happen easily, put it away.

Decorations don’t have to be taste specific to potential buyers preference, as long as the item isn’t permanent. So use the art that is tasteful, leave Autd Mildred’s collection of glassware in the buffet (if there is plenty of room for the furniture) and leave the house with a sense of style. The home should retain its style, it should keep it’s own personality, just leave room for the buyer to see where thiers fits in.

Put it away. This means away from the merchandise. The home has a garage, or a shed, or a basement? These are part of the product that is for sale. If the house has a huge basement, don’t fill it up with stuff that isn’t on display, show it off so people can see all of the space that they could fill up. So get a rental unit, or a POD, PODs are units that are delivered to the home, locked by the renter, taken away and stored until the renter calls for them to be delivered anywhere, even out of state.

Remember, any item that needs to be fixed, is an item that detracts from a homes value. Each item makes the house look less cared for. Each item costs money in a potential buyers mind. When you remove “problems”, buyers can fall in love with a home. Instead of creating a “to-do” list the potential buyer has to take care of after moving in, create an environment that the buyer will fall in love with.

By Beth


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