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Professional Staging can sell your house more quickly for more money! See what a difference it makes for yourself.

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Staging Saves You Money

Staging can be the most cost effective way to get a house sold for increased profit and reduced time on the market. When your house is decorated to appeal to the most buyers, that property increases in value, both perceived and actual. And staging prep can reduce the stress of selling, because all the pre-packing and ground work shortens the amount of time it takes to sell and what needs to get done to move.

Homes that are staged professionally make Multiple Listing Service (MLS) pictures on the internet look better, drawing more potential buyers to valuable properties. 85% to 95% of potential buyers are on the internet, making merchandised properties worth more.

Buyers shop with intelligence. They have smart lists of what they need, want, and would love. Staging makes the property become the love interest the buyer has been seeking. If an emotional connection can be made between the buyer and the home, then items that are missing on the smart list can be forgiven. Stage the property to romance the buyers.

Develop the potential in a house to captivate the buyers. What it is, versus what it could be, isn’t just a matter of cleaning up a little and snapping a few pictures. Homes need flow, they need balance and symmetry, they need a cohesive feel to get that powerful emotional reaction that sells that home to the most potential buyers.

Artemis Interior: Refining Your Retreat

At Artemis Interior, we believe it shouldn’t take a fortune on interior design to get outstanding results. We believe that your good taste and existing furniture and accessories are the right items we need to get started. We call it One-Day Design, or Use-What-You-Love Decorating.

“When my daughter left for college, I looked around and was dismayed at how much clutter had accumulated in our house. Beth at Artemis Interior helped me discover how I could best use my “new” space to turn my hobby, quilting, into a second income. Thank you, Beth!” Sarah W, Arvada, CO

Along with redesign, we also offer Get-You-Moving Home Staging – they’re simply flip sides of the same coin:

Creating balance and harmony in your home

Solving organizational dilemmas

Highlighting the features of your home


Beth Berg, owner of Artemis Interior, spent 13 years working in and eventually managing the Purchasing department at a major corporation. During that time, she studied Business, graduating Magna cum Laude, at Regis University. Running projects and saving money were key components of being successful and those skills translated beautifully into running a business as a home stager and redesigner.

Beth’s history of being an artist since she was a small child, and an art major at Metropolitan State College of Denver had created a foundation for her understanding of color, style, scale and proportion. Gaining added experience and education with Debra Gould, internationally acclaimed home stager and provider of expert training through Staging Diva added the resources she uses to create desirable domiciles.

Her ability to listen and communicate; and her contagious energy and enthusiasm is what you’ll enjoy and appreciate the most once your project gets started. She firmly believes that work and fun are not mutually exclusive. Her favorite thing to hear is “I never would have thought of that!”

Initial Consultation

Every home staging or redesign project starts with a two-hour initial consultation for a flat fee.

Some projects are completed in this initial consultation.

All consultations leave the owner with a comprehensive list of what needs to be done, either for a redesign or to make their home saleable and ready for market conditions.

After the initial consultation, some clients choose to finish recommended work themselves, while others use Artemis Interior to complete the project.

Additional Services

After the initial consultation, added services are available at an hourly rate:

Selecting and supervising the installation of furniture, art and accessories for homes needing more furniture for staging purposes.

Providing referrals for outside services, including repairs, painting , plumbing and electrical. Supervision of these services may be requested for vacant properties such as vacation homes or homes the owner no longer resides in.

Shopping services can be provided for purchases needed to complete the staging project. These items are procured with Beth’s professional discount, directly to the client. Depending on the condition of the items, after the staging project has successfully sold the home, the items may be returned to the store for a refund, making staging with Beth even more cost-effective.

“I just can’t speak highly enough of Artemis Interior. When getting ready to sell my house, Beth helped me organize and stage and I was under contract at asking price with the fourth showing! Artemis was worth every penny.” Rhonda A, Westminster, CO

Your home is your retreat. Stress has no business in your sanctuary.

Whether you’re settling in or moving on, Artemis Interior is here for you.

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