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Our hourly rates are:
$75.00 per hour one person
$125.00 per hour two person
Denver home staging consultations include a walk and talk, going throughout the house, identifying opportunities for fixing/repair/paint/color choices, creating flow and providing creative solutions to problems.  We take notes and provide you with a report at no extra cost.  Consultations are only for occupied houses where our team of artists help our clients stage a space that is livable while looking spectacular.  The artists start small and move up if needed.  If your home staging project is large, we can switch to a flat fee basis that is similar to vacant pricing.  You get a lot of help from our team of artists, as much advice as you need, and we will tell you what things are very important and what things can be left "as is".  Our goal is the same as yours, get the house sold, as fast as possible, and for as much money as possible.
$299.00 initial 2 hour consultation one person, hourly rates apply after initial hours.
$399.00 initial 2 hour consultation two person, hourly rates apply after initial hours.
Pricing for vacant houses start at $100 - $300 per room. Kitchens (without furniture) and bathrooms are always included.   We charge a one time design fee that includes delivery and pick up, so you do not have hidden charges.  We are totally up front about what we charge, and we include decor and art.  
Please provide detailed information about the property you wish to have staged to get a more precise estimate for a home staging proposal. Be advised that all estimates provided over the phone are general values. If a detailed estimate is needed, a property visit may be required. Let us know what your needs are, and we will strive to serve you in the best way we know how. Thank you!

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