Ergonomics, making the work fit the worker.

Ergonomics, making the work fit the worker

Ergonomics Mantra: “How does this feel?”

Desk and chair height appropriate to user.

Users thighs should be horizontal to floor when feet are flat on the ground. Desk should be under flat hands with elbows at greater than 90 degree angle.

Chair should have multiple adjustment points to create comfort for the user.

Standing options are a good choice for people with back problems.

Appropriate lighting.

Bright indirect light. Avoid glare.

Monitor height and distance.

Top 1/3rd of monitor screen should be at eye level. Arms distance.

Negative angles.

Muscles in a relaxed position are considered a negative angle, muscles in an activated position are considered a positive angle. The more positive angles, the more strain on the body. Attempt relaxed poses in as many work positions as possible.


Reaching distance from the users seated position create a kidney shape around the user. Keep frequently used items inside the kidney. Avoid reaching postures.


Office furniture (hydraulic height adjustable desks, fancy office chairs), wireless options (keyboard, mouse, multipurpose printer/scanner/fax), multiple monitors, docking stations, trackball/track pad mouse, left handed options, apps that manage repetitive functions.


RMI (repetitive motion injuries), body angles, injurious positions, frequent stretching for out of reach items, working around items that aren’t useful.

Remember to STRETCH! Moving the body can prevent ergonomic injuries.

In ergonomics, an ounce of prevention is more than worth a pound of cure, it can prevent much more than thousands of dollars, and lost work and time. Preventing injuries in the workplace can keep people whole for life.

By Beth
July 12, 2014
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