The Spring Market is Heating up

Don’t let your clients get burned

Spring Denver Boulder Real Estate
Home staging tips

As the iris and daffodils begin to peek out from under a blanket of March snow, home sellers and buyers begin to emerge from their winter hibernation as well.  Many sellers know that Spring is a great time to list their home, but what many fail to understand is just how to get their home ready for the hot spring market.  Sellers can get burned and lose out on selling at top dollar by not preparing their home.  Cleaning, de-cluttering, pre-packing and purging, freshening up with a new coat of paint and staging the home can all greatly increase both the actual and perceived value of the home.

Use our home staging guides and checklists 
to help your clients prepare for the upcoming sale of their home. Whether owner occupied or vacant, we can help your clients turn their home into a work of art that is market-ready and ready for MARKETING!

Don’t Get Burned

The easiest and most cost effective ways to increase the value of a home are:

  • Clean until it sparkles, and then clean again
  • De-clutter, De-personalize, and Pre-Pack
  • Stage the home before photos and open house.

To learn more about how home staging can impact the value of your client’s home, visit us at Artemis Interior

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