Color: It’s Your Friend, Trust Me!

Color: It’s Your Friend, Trust Me.
How to make a strong statement with color.

Denver interior design clients often want to use color in a way that steps outside their comfort zone, so they find me to help them with a color consultation . Color can be intimidating, it can have a lot of energy, and it can be daunting to look at the displays of color at the hardware store trying to make a decision.

So I always start with a basic, “what is your favorite color to wear?” Because if red is your favorite color, but it washes you out when you wear it, let’s not paint your walls red, unless you are going for that pale look. A terrific color on you, is a terrific color to paint your walls.

I get a lot of compliments when I wear teal and turquoise because I have blue eyes. Is a bright teal wall a good choice? Absolutely, paint that wall any color you want. The actual color on the wall isn’t going to achieve drama, even if it’s the brightest color in the color deck. Watch what happens when you use a bright deep teal, with similarly valued colors….

See how the blue/green becomes a background color?

Now see what happens when you take a “neutral” into this background.

The “neutral” becomes the bright color!

Let’s try a real POP!

Decorating like this, you can change out the mood of a room with just a few key accessories.

I always try to bring the outdoors in, sometimes in just a small way.

Can you see how these colors can all be found on one corner of the color wheel? That makes them resonate very slowly with each other. The lack of vibration in this scene makes it serene. Blue and green are also the colors that recede visually the most to the human eye. So that makes a room feel bigger.

You can achieve drama without losing the sense of calm, just use the true neutrals, black and white.

The white stands in front of the dark wall. Black stands behind lighter colors, even a very dark color. Playing with these rules gives us tools to create drama, even in a serene space. Layering these effects adds visual interest.

It works with other colors too.

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Thank you to all the designers and photographers for the beautiful images! Beth

By Beth
August 14, 2014
Home Staging

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