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I am an artist.  My first love was photography. As a child, I could be found chasing the neighborhood pets around trying to capture their unique personalities in the frame of my camera. As an adult, I focused on photojournalism and owned my own photography studio, often doing real estate photography.  During this time, my husband and I purchased our first home together and were in the process of remodeling and decorating.  This was my third home and my third fixer-upper, but the first time I had a husband and partner to help.  It could no longer be just my dream space.

 I had to consider his tastes and desires as well.  I began to view each room as its own space with its own personality and discovered that my artistry as a photographer translated beautifully into choosing furnishings, art, and decor to give each space a mood and ambience that suited its personality.  Just as a photographer uses light to paint a subject, a room must be lit to enhance its natural beauty.  

As a photographer, I posed my subjects to reveal their strengths and personality.  Much as I now stage furniture to reveal a home’s character, enhance its potential, or even to hide its flaws.  Every space, every room, every home has its own unique personality — just as those neighborhood pets of my childhood did.  It is now my passion to take those raw spaces and drench them in artistic light with furnishings and decor that inspire — that turn your space into a work of art.

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