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Hi, I’m Beth Berg,

I’m a Denver, CO native, when I was 2 my family moved to Stavanger, Norway making a world traveler of me at an early age. Learning about culture, through food and design, has been part of my life ever since.

I was an art major at Metropolitan State College before I changed course to graduate as a Veterinary Assistant in 1995. An unfortunate increase in allergies made me unfit to live with so I took another career detour. The career I loved in Purchasing, at Quest Diagnostics, an international, Fortune 500, laboratory, for 13 years. I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Magna cum Laude, Regis University, 2009. Suddenly the business at the lab changed and in order to grow I was facing leaving the state, or finding another job. So I founded Artemis Home LLC, dba Artemis Interior, to follow my creative dream.

I have a little Paso Fino mare that I love to ride in the Rocky Mountains.  We spend time camping and trail riding, crossing water, we even give little kids rides.  I bought a giant truck and trailer to be able to load my friends and their horses so we don’t have to go alone!

Once, Roxy and I were staying at a friends house.  Roxy has never been particularly puppy like.  I knew we were good buddies when I went out in the morning and she crossed the whole pasture to come to me.  I usually have to go get her!

Now this one, this is my puppy, although I’ve never been her mom when she was an actual puppy.  Her name is Tennyson, called that because the shelter I got her from is on Tennyson St.  But we call her Biddle.  Because she named herself Little Biddle.

I don’t know why I have a fascination with taking her picture on the sofa.  She’s just so cute, and I look over there, and there she is, all adorable, in whatever outfit her fur has grown into.

She’s got to be some kind of digging terrier breed mixture, my best guess is Cairn/Poodle. She has destroyed parts of that sofa, the “fluffing” behavior does selective damage to all things nubbly fabric. It’s never translated into tearing up the backyard, and at 15 pounds I figure she can’t do much damage. It doesn’t change the comfort or the sitting experience and I just flip the cushions when we have guests!

P.S. Yes, Biddles does roll in the horse poop. And she eats it. And when we go camping she never ever eats her dinner, because she goes and visits everyone elses campsite and cleans up, or gets treats, or shares their dinner. Once she got a better dinner than I did!

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